4 Perfect Watches for Every Style Type

4 Perfect Watches for Every Style Type

A watch is one of those accessories you’ll wear every day, hopefully for a long time - so make sure you choose one that makes you happy every time you wrap it around your wrist. Whether you’re sticking to luxury watch brands or just want a timepiece that’s affordable without looking cheap, you don’t have to limit yourself to one style.

To point you in the right direction, we’ve put together a list of the perfect women’s watches for every style. Whether you’re more comfortable in ripped jeans or tailored slacks, here are some ideas to get you excited about your next stylish timepiece.



If you prefer a crisp button-down to a band tee, then a Stella with a link band from Wristology is probably just your speed. It’s available in gold and silver, so you can stay right within your comfort zone. (Or go with both: silver as an every day watch, gold when you’re feeling glamorous). Either way, your Stella will go with everything and instantly elevates just about any outfit.

Pair with: The beauty of this watch is that you can pair it with jeans and a slouchy top, or slacks and a blazer. It’ll become your go-to whether you’re going to the movies or a big interview.

 Classic Silver Wrist Watch


If collared shirts and white sneaks are your standard, I’m guessing you’re an Olivia girl. Go for a rose gold face paired with a white band. The rose gold complements any skin tone, and the pretty white leather band will match everything from neutrals to prints.

Pair with: White jeans and your favorite J. Crew button-down.

 Watch with white band


Go ahead, get the leopard print - I know you want to. If you hate the thought of seeing a co-worker wearing the same watch as you in your morning meeting, then buy a watch that suits your own personal style, and will inspire a ton of “I wish I could pull that off” compliments.

Pair with: Ripped jeans, your vintage Woodstock tee, and a black blazer.

leopard print watch band 


The hexagonal Ellie in silver and black is the perfect spin on a classic: the sleek design and color combo will make it a go-to accessory, while the hexoganal face gives you an unexpected edge.

Pair with: Black jeans, black boots, black moto jacket.

Modern Watch - Wristology

Our only advice for anyone, regardless of your personal style type? Choose something that's uniquely "you." The days of simply deciding between a black or brown watch band are behind us, and that’s a good thing. Browse wrist watches online for a huge selection at your fingertips. And have some fun finding the perfect one!