News | May 29, 2017

Accessory Trends You'll Actually Wear This Summer

Ah, summer. If you’re like us, you’ve been looking forward to poolside mojitos, the smell of sunscreen, and new flip flips since Halloween. And finally, cute summer clothes abound. But you don’t necessarily need to fill your Amazon cart with beach clothes to partake in this season’s most delightful fashion trends.

So how to perfectly pull off last year’s romper? We’ve got you covered (just enough to allow for a nice base tan).



This shade’s popping up all over, especially in pastel - the more it looks like it belongs in a retro diner, the better. Not ready to shell out for a bubble gum color poodle skirt just yet? Try a nod to the girly trend with a pink leather or rose gold watch strap. Jewelry trends come and go, but a tasteful watch is timeless. And timely.

Either way, when it comes to this playful hue, don’t be afraid to overdue it this year. Go ahead and pair pink on pink; you have our blessing.

Summer Accessories - Pink Wristology Watch



The feminine trend continues with bold, floral patterns. Whether it’s vintage inspired or has a modern pop of neon, as long as it’s got that daisy detail, you can’t go wrong. Flowery summer beach dresses and towels are everywhere, but you can also pick up a flower-print handbag and a big patterned bangle or cuff as a go-to accent for your jeans-and-tee days.



Mix & (Maybe) Match

In case you didn’t get the message yet: rules are out, playful and unexpected is in. More mixing and less matching is the latest jewelry trend. You might shy away from investing in a whole new wardrobe of bright patterns, and, my dear friend, you’re not alone: that’s why we accessorize. Buy a tote bag, new earrings, sunglasses, and all the little beach accessories you can find in lively stripes and polka dots. Even if they don’t look like they’ll work, pair them with a neutral white sundress and it’ll all come together. Wristology’s Olivia Dots Watch is the perfect summer fashion accessory: it walks the line between statement piece and classic standby, meaning you’ll get compliments this season and next.

Wristology Dots Watch - Summer Accessories


Go Big or Go Small (But Not In Between)

When selecting your summer purse, it must pass one of two rules: either it’s large enough to fit a toaster or only big enough to hold a chapstick and a credit card. There is no in between this year. If you’re a minimalist: first, props to you, because it’s not easy to lug around this sunscreen, phone charger, banana, and emergency flip flops every day. Second, you’re in luck, because you have a vast array of teacup-size clutches to choose from the next time you’re heading out with nothing but an iPhone and an ID in hand. If you’re more of the prepared-for-any-weather-and-possible-situation type, go all out for one of those bottomless bags. Toss in every lotion and paperback you could possibly want with reckless abandon.


You don’t need to go all out on a whole new closet of summer tops, tote bags and shoes every time the weather changes. But your favorite summer clothes probably still have a few years of cookouts and drive-ins in them yet. The right tote or watch will carry your favorite summer dress from 2010 to 2017 (and, by the way, will still fit perfectly in 2025).