Don't Make These Super Common Online Shopping Mistakes

Don't Make These Super Common Online Shopping Mistakes

In many ways, online clothes shopping is truly a gift of the modern world. It’ll usually save you time, money, and gives you incredible variety at your fingertips. But finding cheap clothing online is almost too easy... so take these extra steps to make sure you’re making a sound purchase.

We’re not saying you need to spend hours researching the product before you click Add to Cart. But you can save yourself some serious buyer’s remorse by taking these steps in just about 5 minutes.

  • Check reviews.
  • This is an easy one. If others have tried it and the average rating is at least 3.5 stars, you’re probably in good shape. (Another pro tip: check if the company is responding to questions on their Amazon or e-commerce page. It shows they’re putting their own time and energy into customer service and making sure everyone’s happy with their purchases.)

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  • Are there photos of the actual product?

    Even if you’re on a reputable site and avoiding obviously sketchy online clothing stores, it’s important to be cautious. If the product “images” are just sketch drawings, this is a clear red flag. Even if it’s only $4, save yourself the hassle. Just don’t go there.

  • Search the company on Google and social media.
  • It’s exactly what you were looking for, but you’ve never heard of the brand. Is it really advisable to put down $40 on a leather clutch from ModernQTPie instead of shelling out an extra $100 at the mall?

    Maybe. As with pretty much everything ever, a Google search will reveal a lot. Do they have a website? Does it look halfway decent, or like the Geocities page you made in 8th grade?

    Make sure they have some kind of presence on social media. This shows they’re actively involved with their customer base, and it’s a good indicator that they’ll be available if you do end up with a damaged product.

    Tips for Online Shopping

  • Would you buy it in a store?

    Finally, ask yourself this single question before you enter your credit card info. Because it’s so easy to part with your money when you’re on an online shopping site, and you’re not dealing with physical cash in your wallet, it can become a slippery slope. Is this something you’ll actually wear, use, hang on your wall, whatever? If the answer is yes, go right ahead.

    Wishing you much happy (and smart) shopping in your future!