Essential Travel Items: Adventure in Style

Essential Travel Items: Adventure in Style

You’re finally packing for that much-needed vacation you’ve been planning - good for you! You earned it.

And best of all, you already prepared a select few ensembles so you can finally travel light for once, right? … Right?

Never fear. You can up your travel style game and still fit everything into a carry-on, I promise. It’s all about picking the essential travel accessories and leaving the rest for when you get home. Here’s a list of the perfect travel items that will make any woman feel ready for anything (and take up, like, no space). Read on, fearless traveler!


Jewelry that adds style AND function

First step is to accept that you do need to limit your accessories on this trip. I know you’re super excited about your new chunky cuff bracelet and statement necklace, but we can’t have you weighed down with a pound of silver as you jog through the airport to catch your plane.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way: since you’re only bringing one or two pieces of jewelry, make it count. Bring something you’ll want to wear every day, can go from day to night, and even serves a purpose besides getting compliments.

We recommend the Olivia silver link - it’ll add sparkle when you’re going out, but it’s not too fussy for a day of exploration.

Olivia Silver Link Watch


A light, neutral-color layering piece

This is one that your mom probably always told you, and for good reason. We all want to bring the most vibrant stuff in our closet when we’re going on vacation (and you should totally go for it, in moderation). But when the ocean breeze kicks up, are you really going to wear that magenta cardigan over a teal sundress? Didn’t think so.

Do yourself a favor and pack one layering piece in cream or black that you can throw on over anything, whether you’re in the sand or hitting a rooftop bar.

Modcloth offers a nice mid-priced, unfussy option that can get dressed up if called upon.

 Layering Piece - Travel Light


A wallet that doubles as a clutch

Remember that cute little clutch you bought last year that you never actually use, because it doesn’t hold your entire lip balm collection? Turns out the impractical every-day bag makes the perfect travel bag. If you really must bring a normal-sized purse with you, hey, no judgment. You can throw your mini-clutch right in.

And who knows, maybe the pint-sized clutch will encourage you to leave your extra lotions and makeup at the hotel room and let loose. Vacation is the time for freedom!

Try a wristlet from Kate Spade for something durable that’ll last for many vacas to come.

 Kate Spade Wristlet - Travel Light


Foldable flats

If you don’t already have a pair, get one - these are everywhere now, so you can order a few pairs on Amazon or pick them up at Target. They take up almost no space, weigh next to nothing, and will give you a few hours of relief from the new heels you didn’t get a chance to break in before takeoff.


Hope these travel fashion tips gave you just the inspiration you need to downsize one of those overflowing roller bags before you break a zipper. Bon voyage!