From Work Time to Wine Time in 10 Minutes Flat

From Work Time to Wine Time in 10 Minutes Flat

It’s 4:50 on a Thursday, and you’re clicking Save on the big spreadsheet you’ve been buried in for the last four hours. We can read your mind and yes, you totally deserve a dirty martini and $5 sushi rolls tonight. Here are the 3 steps you can take to leave any lingering office stress behind and hit up your favorite cocktail bar with peace of mind.


  • Plan ahead: 4 minutes.
  • Unless your workday includes a) a yoga class, b) mid-day guided meditation or c) a glass of sangria, you probably leave the office with tomorrow’s to-do list already running through your head. To leave your work stuff behind, you have to literally do just that: make a to-do list of priorities for the next day (a physical, hand-written list or a note on your computer: that step is crucial). Leave it on your desk or your work computer, and don’t look at it again until you come in the next morning.

    That way all the stuff that you were subconsciously holding in your brain is safely stored away, and you can devote that valuable mental space to deciding between bbq sliders or the hummus plate.

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  • De-compress: 5 minutes.
  • Stop your work a few minutes before you need to head out the door. It only takes about 5 minutes to clear your brain, but it makes a big difference if you take that time to gather your thoughts before moving on to the rest of your evening. Clean your desk, make some tea, or try one of the many meditation apps that are out there. Whatever works best to give you a brief mental break between work and play.


  • Add a touch of glam: 1 minute.
  • This one benefits from a tiny bit of thinking ahead the night before, but it’s easier than spending an hour planning the perfect day-to-evening outfit. To really signal the end of the workday and beginning of half-price apps, throw on a glitzy accessory that might be a tad overkill for your morning department meeting, but perfect for the new cocktail lounge down the street.

    A little shiny something like the Stella gold watch adds a hint of drama to any outfit, and takes your career-wear from cubicle to cocktail hour. You can even wear it during your 9-5 as long as you pair it with low-key outfits that won’t compete for the spotlight. Go ahead and add some intrigue to your office attire.  

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    Finally, let’s reiterate: you work hard, so we fully support you leaving your stresses behind for a few hours. Cheers!